A History of Excellence

Our Vision

LogiFlow aims to deliver the preeminent transportation management platform for forward-looking companies. We strive to leverage leading-edge technology, an inspired and talented workforce, innovative processes, and disciplined execution to create best-in-industry value for our customers.

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Our Mission

  • Wow our customers by delivering best-in-industry technology, strategy, service & intelligence
  • Become an employer of choice and provide a teaching, learning and growth environment that allows our employees to reach their fullest potential
  • Always act with integrity, grow our business, and make a reasonable ROI
  • Offer compelling opportunities for the people of our community and advance social and environmental responsibility.
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Built on Real World Solutions

LogiFlow’s founder, Joe Dohrn, spent the first part of his career at a regional LTL provider. As part of servicing his shipping customers, he had a carrier’s perspective on the various tools and processes that 3PLs employed to manage supply chain transportation.

One of his observations was the existing marketplace focused so strongly on the customer’s perspective that they overlooked the aspect that without intuitive tools for the shippers and carriers, the systems were never as useful as they promised.

The roots of LogiFlow’s platform were formed in 2010 around a fresh take on a supplier shipping portal based around a particular large manufacturer’s needs, with a strong focus on making it easy for the supplier. The portal was such a success that it led to other opportunities, from cross-dock operations, to freight optimization strategies, to deep shipment visibility. Bit by bit, what was a value-add service with the LTL carrier grew to a full-fledged transportation platform.

In 2016, the platform was complete enough to where LogiFlow spun off from the LTL carrier. The first few years after this LogiFlow focused on word-of-mouth growth and in adding additional compelling functionality to the platform. Today, LogiFlow is ready to share its platform and approach to the broad supply chain community and is available for any businesses that see the appeal and value of our unique approach.

A Solutions Base Product

We take the complications out of transportation and logistics systems and simplify them into intuitive turnkey solutions.

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