LogiFlow Announces Offering of Transportation Platform to General Marketplace

After five years of building and maturing a state-of-the-art transportation management platform for a select clientele, LogiFlow has announced they are now ready to offer their capabilities to the general marketplace. “Our customers and the users of our technology and logistics services tell us we’re quite unique”, said Joe Dohrn, president and founder of LogiFlow Services. “While our technology platform is generally referred to as a TMS, it’s much more than that. As an example, instead of a shipment-based approach we built the system from the ground up with an intuitive user interface around order and item-based methodology.”. “Our customers are telling us they want more than a standard TMS that optimizes the movement of transportation; they want technology that initiates and delivers collaboration while providing the vital information necessary to understand such things as total landed cost by item within their supply chain. We’ve been breaking new ground with a group of select clients that recognized our distinctive vision and capabilities. Now, we’re excited to offer our unique capabilities to the general marketplace,” said Dohrn.

LogiFlow Background

In 2010, Executive Vice President for Dohrn Transfer, Joe Dohrn, thought he had a better idea. After growing up in the family transportation business and watching the struggles his large, complex Fortune 100 customer was having with its existing technology and 3PL solution, Joe combined his life-long knowledge in transportation with his educational background in computer science and mathematics and began working on a technology solution. The technology he ended up developing started as a web portal that simplified the communication process between a large, complex supply base, carrier network, and manufacturing network.

After convincing the Fortune 100 customer to give the technology a proof-of-concept trial and the results came in, it was clear Joe was onto something. Building upon the initial success, Joe began developing additional features and functionality to support the customer’s complicated supply chain. Eventually, the technology developed into a fully functional, cloud-based integrated order fulfillment and transportation management platform. The Fortune 100 company was so impressed with the results, they decided to commit their business and LogiFlow Services was born.

People are the Real Difference

“While our technology is special, our people are really what make the difference”, said Dohrn. “On the technology side, LogiFlow has assembled a talented team of developers. However, the developers aren’t just coders, they have also become transportation industry experts. In addition, all development and coding work is done in-house by direct LogiFlow personnel, delivering a higher quality product and faster delivery times.” On the logistics services side, LogiFlow offers transportation management and freight audit and payment services. “Again, our people make the difference,” said Dohrn. With a talented and passionate team that has significant industry experience, our customers have recognized we produce a higher caliber of quality with people that are ready to meet the difficult supply chain challenges confronting today’s shippers.”

LogiFlow’s Aspiration

Since the initial commitment, LogiFlow has brought on other select clients to help innovate and build out its technology platform and logistics services. “We knew if we could solve problems for one of the largest and most complex supply chains in the world, we could help any company,” said Randy Mutschler, VP of Business Development and Strategic Planning. Through word- of-mouth, LogiFlow uncovered other potential customers that were looking for a TMS solution. In fact, on multiple occasions the potential customers were currently using an industry leading TMS from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. In each of those situations, the customer decided LogiFlow was the better answer. “We’re not interested in being the biggest TMS in the marketplace,” said Mutschler. Our aspiration is to be the best, to be preeminent. That’s a lofty aspiration, and every day our people and our customers are working together in pursuit of that objective.”

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