LogiFlow Services receives prestigious Partner-level status

LogiFlow Services receives prestigious Partner-level status from John Deere for the third consecutive year.

Davenport – Transportation management technology and logistics services provider, LogiFlow Services, has been awarded Partner-level status in John Deere’s highly regarded Achieving Excellence program.  In addition to previously receiving John Deere’s “Supplier of the Year” award, this marks the third year in a row that LogiFlow Services has received the prestigious Partner-level status.  The award recognizes the high-performance results, and the major role LogiFlow’s technology and logistics services plays in keeping John Deere’s supply chain operating at an optimal level.   
LogiFlow Services provides technology, intellectual capital, and human resources that help John Deere optimize the results within their transportation network.  LogiFlow’s modern technology platform has proved itself to be one of the most feature-rich, configurable, and user-friendly in today’s marketplace.  With a personalized, turnkey approach to solutions, LogiFlow has worked closely with the John Deere Worldwide Logistics team to meet and exceed aggressive cost reduction and transit service goals, while also minimizing their logistics management expense.  
“I’m very proud of our team for achieving this award,” said Joe Dohrn, President of LogiFlow Services.  “Our people enjoy and excel at developing technology solutions and managing the day-to-day execution of John Deere’s large, complex transportation network.”  “We have a strategic relationship with John Deere, and we share their strong guiding values of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation.”  “As one of the most successful, iconic companies in the world, John Deere’s enormous scale and complexity helped LogiFlow Services build our powerful technology platform and intellectual capital, so It’s truly been a mutually beneficial relationship.” 
About John Deere’s Achieving Excellence Program 
John Deere Supply Management created the Achieving Excellence program in 1991 to reward and recognize suppliers that excel at meeting their high standards.  Suppliers who participate in the Achieving Excellence program are evaluated annually in several key performance areas, including quality, cost management, delivery, technical support, and wavelength.  Only John Deere’s best suppliers achieve Partner-level status.   
About LogiFlow Services
Challenges and complexity in the world of transportation management have reached unprecedented levels.  In order to gain and keep a competitive advantage, companies need access to the most modern, and best, technology and intellectual capital in today’s marketplace.  With real-world shipper and transportation knowledge and experience, and a next-generation technology platform that helps shippers optimize the complicated world of transportation, LogiFlow Services is breaking new ground. To learn more about the future of transportation management, visit