Optimas Partners with LogiFlow

Optimas Partners with LogiFlow for Digitalization & Personalization of Logistics.

Optimas, a tech-enabled industrial manufacturer/distributor that delivers fasteners, inventory management, and production related solutions, has partnered with LogiFlow to help build upon and strengthen their dominant position in manufacturing and supply chain services.  “As the leading end-to-end supply chain solution in the fastener world, Optimas aspires to be best-in-class with all aspects of supply chain management for our customers, including logistics,” said TJ Rosengarth, President & CEO of Optimas.  “We’re one global team committed to driving value for our manufacturing customers while delivering exceptional service”.    

Real Results, Real Impact

As companies everywhere are realizing, the world of logistics and transportation management are becoming more challenging and complex every day.  Companies that have outdated technology and services are destined to fall behind.  “In order to gain a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace, you can’t have what everybody has, and do what everybody else does” said Josh Gauci, Optimas’ Director of Global Logistics.  “To gain a competitive advantage, we needed a next-generation logistics technology platform that offered an end-to-end transportation management solution with AI and machine learning capabilities.”  “Just as important, with thousands of suppliers and customers, Optimas needed flexibility with a personalized user experience.”  “LogiFlow went the extra mile to give us a turnkey solution that met our high standards.” 

More Than Technology

Optimas is well known for their innovation and efficiency.  Equally important to their success is Optimas’ approach to relationships.  While their fasteners and components bond products together, it’s their relationships that bond everything else.  “Optimas believes in listening to our customers and delivering custom-tailored programs that improve efficiency and minimize cost.”  “From the beginning of our conversations, we were comfortable that LogiFlow shared our relationship values.”  “It wasn’t just their innovative technology, it was their people and values that gave us the confidence to make a big change to their platform and services”, Gauci said.   

“With over 4,000 global suppliers, more than 1 billion parts manufactured annually, and a large, very demanding customer base, Optimas is an industry leader with a variety of unique challenges,” said Randy Mutschler, LogiFlow’s Vice President of Business Development.  “It was interesting meeting with Josh, and learning about Optimas’ business and his background.”  “Besides years of logistics experience & knowledge, Josh also had an unusually strong technical background for someone in his position.”  “As a result, gaining his approval and being selected to support Optimas’ supply chain was very meaningful, a real honor.”   

About Optimas

Optimas is the leading global industrial distributor and service provider specializing in fastening and supply chain solutions for manufacturers seeking to improve efficiency and profitability.  Customers rely on their deep industry and manufacturing expertise to create customer-tailored programs that help them streamline their production and reduce their risk. 

About LogiFlow

LogiFlow aims to deliver the preeminent transportation management platform for forward-looking companies.  They strive to leverage leading-edge technology, an inspired and talented workforce, innovative processes, and disciplined execution to create best-in-industry value for their customers.