Case Studies

Integrated, Cross-Functional Management

The LogiFlow team reinvented technology that is disrupting the 3PL and TMS industries.

Project Overview


For years 3PL’s have been missing the mark on what shippers really want and need. With a narrow focus on only warehousing and transportation management technology and services, 3PL’s and their customers have been operating in a vacuum and propagating sub-optimal solutions for years. With supply management of direct material, order fulfillment management of finished goods, service parts, and transportation management all focused on internal functional results it’s no wonder companies have trouble putting the pieces of the puzzle together to understand and truly manage service and drive down total end-to-end cost.

The Challenge

With functional boundaries and silos, companies often have conflicting objectives and priorities. Without even knowing it one functional area might be driving up the cost of another functional area in order to meet their goals. Meanwhile the extra cost they are burdening the other function with often exceeds the benefit. As a result, true breakthroughs in cost management and operating margin are elusive.

The Objective

After assessing this dilemma, The LogiFlow development team went to work. With their unique understanding of supply management direct material, finished goods order fulfillment, and logistics management, the team developed an integrated system that compiles and assembles the critical information across multiple functional areas into an easy to understand set of metrics. In addition, the metrics can be customized to the unique needs of every individual customer.

Our Unique Solutions

While the platform provides information in the traditional way by function, it also consolidates costs across functions giving management the ability to recognize integrated total cost trends on a day-to-day, month-to-date, year-to-date and year-over-year basis. With a comprehensive picture of end-to-end cost, managers are now armed with new information that enables understanding of total costs, better supply chain decision making, and ultimately breakthroughs in cost management and improved operating margins.

Technology Solutions

Integrated, End-to-End Total Cost, Service, & Compliance Management
Day-to-Day dynamic views of supplier, internal, and customer performance
Weekly, Monthly, YTD, and YOY pictures of service, compliance, and cost performance trends