Case Study

LogiFlow's Platform Replaces Multiple Technologies

A $17B company with a global supply chain replaces 5 Separate Technology Solutions with LogiFlow’s transportation intelligence platform.

Project Overview


Over the years, a global market leader in the development, production and sale of fastening and assembly materials had deployed a variety of technology solutions to help run their supply chain. With a large, complex supply chain that included well over 100 facilities and a global supply and customer base, the technologies failed to support their business needs and they were struggling with supply chain inefficiencies and customer satisfaction. With a new, modern intelligence platform from LogiFlow, the wholesaler eliminated five underperforming technology platforms.

The Challenge

Faced with a multitude of supply chain problems and continual new challenges, a major diversified shipper knew they had to do something different. With three different market leading TMS platforms and an international management system in place, and a global trade management software solution being built, it seemed like they should have the necessary firepower to solve all supply chain problems. However, despite their resources and technological capabilities, the shipper continued to struggle with gaps in functionality that created operational inefficiencies, higher costs, and problems with customer satisfaction.

The Objective

After assessing the existing technologies and fully understanding the operational nuances, the LogiFlow development team went to work. Using their unique knowledge and experience of supply chain and technology, the LogiFlow team needed to design and develop a solution that would replace five separate technology systems. The single platform would integrate the end-to-end process, while also capturing and providing valuable business intelligence.

The Solution & Results

By switching to LogiFlow, the shipper eliminated three different TMS platforms as well as their international management system. Now, they are working with LogiFlow to replace their global trade management solution. When all is said and done, LogiFlow’s platform will replace five different systems leading to substantially reduced technology costs and vastly improved functionality
and capabilities.

Customer Benefits

One integrated technology platform instead of five―significant operational efficiencies and substantial cost savings
Customized capabilities―modern technology that is built to be flexible and meet the needs of their unique operating environment
User experience―the highly configurable cloud-based platform personalizes the user experience