Case Studies

Supplier Collaboration

A Fortune 100 diversified manufacturing company recently switched their transportation management function from an industry leading 3PL to LogiFlow, a start-up 3PL with breakthrough technology and unparalleled customer service.

Project Overview


The optimization of an integrated, seamless supply chain process that cuts across a vast network of separate companies with widely different priorities is a daunting challenge. Historically manufacturing companies parse order and shipment information out to the individual parties on a “need to know” basis. Each company would then execute based upon their understanding and ability to meet the requirements with the manufacturing company “hoping” that everything would come together in the end.

The Challenge

With this ‘need to know basis’ type of approach, every party in the supply chain reacts to an event triggered by the preceding party. This reactive state often creates variance, unnecessary churn and a sub-optimal result with higher administrative, inventory and transportation cost. With systems, processes and organization structures all acting in silos, end-to-end optimization of the inbound supply chain is a wish instead of a reality.

The Objective

After assessing the inbound to manufacturing process, the LogiFlow development team went to work. With their unique understanding, the team worked with the manufacturing company to receive order information and requirements. Then they invented a web application that shared order and shipment requirements with suppliers along with innovative processes that proactively managed the end-to-end process.

Our Unique Solutions

The new web interface technology received rave reviews from the supplier community who touted the system as “simpler, better and faster” than the other web applications in the marketplace. With the advanced visibility of order information and supplier requirements LogiFlow was also able to drive significant improvements to transportation optimization and execution.

Technology Solutions

Supplier compliance – Adherence to shipping requirements and avoidance of “line down” situations
Lower transportation cost – Predictive instead of reactive transportation optimization
Information accuracy – Supplier web Interface (BL, Carrier invoice, Supplier/Carrier intelligence)