Freight Audit

Full independent rate audits for your shipments.

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Complete Rate Engine and Freight Audit

Custom proprietary rate engine supports all standard industry published pricing.
LTL, truckload, dedicated, parcel, pallet, etc. You name it, LogiFlow likely supports it.
All invoice data normalized for pristine address integrity and data quality.
Accessorial items identified, profiled, and challenged as necessary.
Full GL allocation support, including multiple GL codes on the same shipment.


Our carrier payment workflow tool allows carriers to proactively self-manage all aspects of their receivables.

An Important Distinction

Many of the mass-market carrier rate shoppers claim they do carrier invoice audit, but they only compare invoiced charges to quoted charges. The problem is, quoted charges are different from contracted rates. Carriers often mis-load and mis-quote contracted rates. Our complete rate engine allows us to verify invoices against contracted rates and often finds meaningful additional savings.