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Birds Eye View on the Carrier Landscape

LogiFlow sees contracts across customers and can use that information to negotiate from a position of knowledge.
As history is built up in the LogiFlow system, it can be used with RFPs so carriers can understand your business better and price it more precisely.
LogiFlow’s accurate upstream data and clear freight pay processes help make you a shipper of choice, which helps carriers keep pricing low.


As we evaluate possible providers for your business, we present you with interactive dashboards to identify savings and service opportunities from proposed rates.

Accessorials: The Great Differentiator

In today’s marketplace, there can be significant disparity between carrier accessorial charges. A $10 reweigh at carrier A could well be a $60 reweigh at carrier B. Because our rate engine is part of our procurement platform, we can do accurate predictive impact studies around accessorials to help you minimize your transportation spend.